5 Eco-Friendly Mothers Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is officially next weekend! This past year and even today has been hard for many people. We are still living in a pandemic and still being very cautious about seeing people. Whether you are able to see your mother in person or virtually this year, you might be wondering how to get creative with Mother’s Day right around the corner. We have put together 5 creative and eco-friendly ideas to do for mom on her day.

Flowers Will Always Be Appreciated  

woman shopping for flowers

We all know that most mother’s love a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day, but how can you go the extra mile to make it an ecofriendly gift? Head to your local flower shop or nursery and see what you can find. Not only will you be supporting a local business, but if the seasonal spring flowers were grown in your area, that cuts down on the carbon emission used to get you those flowers!

Embark On An Outdoor Adventure

It is currently spring time in the states and if you’re supposed to have some nice weather on Mother’s Day, head outside for a bike ride and end it with a prepared picnic! Before you leave home, make sure to pack a lunch in your stainless-steel lunchboxes. Riding bikes allows her to get in some good exercise, is a pollution free mode of transportation which will help reduce all the fuel consumption and it can also be something fun to do together! Adding in your stainless-steel lunchbox on the go, makes for little to no waste while enjoying a nice lunch outside.

Help Mom Shop Responsibly

You can help your mom shop responsibly by gifting her some reusable cotton shopping bags! Now that most stores are allowing people to bring in their own reusable bags, this could be the perfect gift to help her shop responsibly on her trips to the health food stores, farmer’s market, or where ever her favorite places to shop are.

Spa Day At Home

Treat your mom to her own special spa day at home. You can fill her basket with homemade or store-bought earth friendly bath bombs, essential oils for aromatherapy and a nice body oil for when she gets out of the tub. This would be a great gift to give her to allow her the relaxation she needs.

Give A Gift Card To An Eco Friendly Shop

Not only can you gift your mom her own eco-friendly products, you can get her involved in shopping for these items herself! Gift her with a gift card to your favorite eco-friendly shop or to a local/small eco-friendly business. This way you are either supporting local, or supporting a small business and she gets to pick out what she thinks will work best for her.

Whatever you decide to do with or for your mom on Mother’s Day, we are sure that she will enjoy all the love you have for her and the thought you put into spending time with her.

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