5 Ways To Enjoy A Sustainable Valentines Day


I love you

Valentine’s Day is here and just like many holidays, this day comes with harm to our environment. If you are trying to live more environmentally and economically conscious this is the post for you. So, what can you do this valentine’s day to make it more sustainable?

Celebrate YOU

Firstly, not everyone is in a relationship and even if you are, loving yourself is something you should try to always do! This valentine’s day you can send yourself a nice potted plant or bouquet of fresh in season flowers, indulge in consciously made chocolates and spend the day pampering yourself.

Eat In

Valentine’s Day is usually the busiest time of year to dine out. During COVID, things might be a little different, but restaurants that are open are probably still very busy. Instead of eating out, cook for your significant other or cook together!


Stop by your local farmers market if you can before dinner. It is best to support our local farmers all year long, but especially on valentine’s day! There is nothing more sustainable than sourcing your food locally. Relax and enjoy that time together alone, versus in a busy restaurant.

Make your own card

Cards can be expensive and most end up in the landfill. They are usually also filled with glitter and materials that can’t be recycled. Instead of buying a card, just skip it all together. You can also make your own from things you may already have at home! The card will be more meaningful if you make it yourself and you won’t be creating additional waste.

Gift a plant instead of flowers

Flowers are a super thoughtful gift to give someone for any occasion. They are not very sustainable around Valentines Day. Roses, which are the most distributed flowers during Valentines Day are not in season and thus travel miles away to be sold all over. This unfortunately does not cut down on carbon emission. If you do get flowers, ask the florist if they can put them in a vase or wrap them in something other than a plastic sleeve. If you are the one to receive the flowers, come up with a creative way to use the petals once they have dried or dispose of them in a proper fashion.


If your significant other enjoys plants, you can gift them a plant that will last much longer than flowers, such as succulents or something similar.

Support small businesses

Small businesses have been hit the hardest since the pandemic started. Supporting small businesses can not only cut down on your carbon footprint if they are local or offer that service, but supporting them also gives their business a chance to succeed during hard times. At Ecozoi, we offer 100% carbon neutral shipping on all orders. We contribute to local green projects near you when you take advantage of this shipping.

This Valentines Day, here at Ecozoi we are offering our customers a 10% savings on any purchase you make with us. Use code VALENTINE10 for 10% off at checkout. The code expires midnight February 14th.

As we strive to live a more sustainable lifestyle, lets try to remember all the ways we can live more eco-consciously; even on holidays!




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