The holidays are gearing up and everyone is starting to look for that perfect gift. Here at ecozoi, we strive to live and promote sustainability. With that being said, we wanted to create a gift guide for those wanting a little something for themselves or gift to others. We are excited to put a spotlight on some of our very own eco friendly products this holiday season. So, without further adieu lets jump into our eco – friendly gift guide of 2019.

Eco – Safe Stainless Steel Popsicle Molds

These Popsicle molds are new to the ecozoi family. They make a great gift! They are the first of its kind design that comes with reusable stainless steel sticks instead of Bamboo.  No running out of sticks anymore. It comes with 6 Ice pop makers, 6 reusable stainless steel sticks, 12 silicone seals, 1 rack and 1 cleaning brush. We love these molds because they are family friendly and fun for all. They are also super easy to use and clean; double win! The holiday times bring dessert and comfort foods. Have them try out this s’mores recipe with their all new Popsicle molds.

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S’mores Pops

You can eat pudding cold, or you can try it frozen! Using chocolate pudding, mini marshmallows and cookie crumbs you can turn a normally hot treat into a refreshing one!


2 cups chocolate pudding

¼ cup mini marshmallows

3 shortbread cookies or graham crackers, crushed


Add a few marshmallows to the bottom of each popsicle mold then scoop in chocolate pudding, adding more marshmallows throughout. Lightly tap on the counter to remove any air pockets. Sprinkle with cookie crumbs before inserting popsicle stick. Freeze for at least 4 hours.

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Stainless Steel Snack Containers Set of 4

Everyone loves snacks! Gift these leak proof snack containers to anyone on your list. These eco – friendly bento box food storage snack containers even come with a cute BONUS cotton carrying case. These metal snack containers are lighter than glass, unbreakable and come in 4 different sizes; 3.5 oz, 4.0 oz, 13.5 oz and 23 oz. Small enough to take into the office or in a kids backpack.

Bamboo Cutting Board with Organizing Drawers

This cutting board is one of our most popular items. It takes chopping up produce to a whole new level! By having an ergonomic design, this cutting board makes it easy for anyone to use. It comes with 4 bamboo organizer trays and a grove to collect the ingredients. Because of its unique design, it will allow for a mess free counter top and no need to use additional plates for collecting the cut portions. Not only is this cutting board easy to use for cutting, but it is super versatile and allows for multi – purpose storage and other uses.

Organic Bamboo Straws and Bamboo Cutlery Utensils Set

Everyone has wondered into a restaurant or fast food chain and been given a plastic straw and/or plastic utensils to go with their meals. With the rise of plastic in our oceans and landfills, it is super important that we minimize this unnecessary waste that we continue to create. If you have not already, check out our post on the Reuse Revolution; it goes more in depth of what life would look like if we reduced our waste and used more reusable products.

This AMAZING bamboo straw and cutlery set, is the perfect gift for anyone always on the go who wants to reduce their waste. When they grab food to go, they can simply say no straw or no cutlery. They will be able to pull out their own set and not worry about producing waste from single – use materials. The straws are eco – friendly, reusable, sustainable, BPA-Free and Vegan. At the end of their life-cycle they will be biodegradable and compostable. Such a great alternative to single-use plastic straws. This eco – friendly set is also perfect for traveling; on the plane, car rides etc. Whomever you decide to gift it to will definitely be grateful. They even make for a great stocking stuffer! As an added bonus, the 100% organic natural cotton travel pouch case, makes it easy to store everything in one place and a slim fit in your bag.

3-in-1 Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box

Another super popular item on our list and another perfect gift for someone always on the go. Our 3-in-1 stainless steel bento box lunchbox is a crowd pleaser. This lunchbox is made of high quality food grade 202 Stainless Steel. It is PVC Free, Phthalate Free, Leaching Free, and has a lower carbon footprint than plastic. Have you ever thought about the nasty chemicals that come in regular lunch boxes? This is a great alternative to anyone in need of a chemical free lunchbox. Such a cute gift for the kids as well.

Eco Beeswax Food Wraps

Ever heard of the saying “Lets save the best for last?” Well these beeswax food wraps are THE BEST. Once you give these beeswax food wraps as gifts, they will not want to buy any more of those plastic saran wrap packs. With our plastic issue on the rise, these are a great alternative. This assorted 4 pack (small, medium, large and extra large) is ideal for wrapping vegetable & fruit left overs, wrapping to-go sandwich lunches, covering storage bowls in the kitchen, saving cheese & avocados, and as a reusable snack bag for the kids.

These wraps are reusable and will last a whole year, with multiple uses during the week and proper cleaning. At the end of their life-cycle they will be biodegradable and compostable. These wraps are super unique and take up minimal space.

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Each item on this list is unique in its own way. If you are looking for the perfect gift, stocking stuffer, or a little something for yourself, we hope this list of fan favorites helps your decision become a little bit easier. We have so much to offer here at ecozoi and would love to hear what your favorite products are.

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