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It's that time of year again! Many are getting ready for school or have started already, but this year looks pretty different for most. The world is in the middle of a global pandemic. So with school starting back for our children, what does that mean? Many families have been trying to figure out the best possible solution for their families when it comes to sending kids back to school or not. We will talk about some of the options that have been on everyones minds and some ideas to help you prepare for this new school year.

In Person Back to School

Heading back for in person school is not an easy decision to come to. For some families that is the best and only option. For the recommended school supplies and what to do about school lunch, it is best to check with your child’s school, as each one has different requirements. Most schools if not all suggest mask wearing, bringing your own lunch and social distancing.

Virtual Learning at Home

virtual learning at home

Virtual learning is different for most kids who are starting up school this fall, but with the right materials at home it can be successful. Having a designated space in your home to do school work is key. Some may look into using the kitchen table, getting a desk to put in your child’s room or putting together an at home classroom. Having your child sit in front of the screen all day may not be ideal, so make sure they get breaks to stretch, eat, sit outside and do whatever else is needed to make this a less stressful time.


More people are looking into the homeschool route. They don’t think virtual learning or in person learning is best right now. Homeschool looks different for everyone. Homeschooling is either structured or unstructured school work for a few hours a day. There are many homeschool curriculums out there that you can get for your child. Some are free and some have a small price tag. Field trips during the pandemic might look a little different, but they are still possible. Just like with virtual learning, there are many ways to set up for homeschool. You can use the kitchen table, get a desk to put in your child’s room or have a home classroom. Be sure to also think about how you want to organize all the homeschool supplies you will need.


Unschooling has a focus on more of self directed learning. This means more life lessons and hands on learning experiences rather than 100% text book learning. This type of schooling is great for those who want to teach their kids more about the world around them in an unstructured way. Many more families are starting to go this route these days and not just because of the pandemic. Some structured work is still involved, but it is more relaxed.

We hope we have shed some light on the options out there when it comes to this school year. Whichever route you choose, organize your day, try to keep calm and enjoy this school year with your kids.

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