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How does back to school look like this year for you? Do your kids attend in person or are you homeschooling? In any case, packed lunches are back! But we know how tiring or overwhelming this could be. So here are some tips from Ira @panoseats on how to set up a successful lunchbox and some easy lunchbox ideas. So keep reading!


Set for success. When you prepare your kid’s lunchbox you need to make sure that some of the items on the lunchbox are familiar and loved. You can serve a new food or even one that your kid is still learning, along with some foods that your kid likes and loves. This way, you have higher chances that your little one will try the foods that are new. And don’t get discouraged if they don’t. Your responsibility is to offer a big variety and their responsibility is to decide how much they want to eat.


Get them involved. Did you know that kids which help with lunchbox preparation tend to eat better at school? So, get your little one involved. Make sure that you buy a couple of lunchboxes based on your kid’s choice. Then ask your kids to help prepare the food and serve it in the lunchbox.

5 compartment lunchbox

5-compartment stainless steel lunchbox, packed with carrot sticks, avocado blender waffles, dried pineapples, kiwi hearts, cheddar cheese cubes


Make it fun. You can use fun vegetable cutters and fruit picks to make this fun. Again ask your kid’s help to pick the cutters and picks and cut the fruits and vegetables together. Also, pick up some lunchboxes with multiple compartments which is super practical but also so much fun for the kids. And if your kids are older make sure that you include a little note.


Pick a theme. You can be very creative with themed lunchboxes and this depends on what your little one loves. From color themed lunchboxes to Halloween and Christmas themed. And from different cuisine themed to educational themed. Do you know that a packed lunch isa great way to teach letters, numbers, colors, seasons etc to your kids? Start with something easy, pick your kids favorite color and fill up the lunchbox with foods of this color! The theme possibilities are endless and a theme can help you focus more and provide bigger variety.

1 tier lunchbox with coco balls

The white lunchbox. 1-tier stainless steel lunchbox packed with all white foods. Air popped popcorn, coconut bliss ball, whole plain yogurt and dragon fruit


 Keep it colorful. Did you hear before how important it is to “eat the rainbow”, right? So make sure that you include a variety of in-season fruits and vegetables. Not only, this is healthy but it is eye appealing as well. And it is true that kids (and adults as well) eat with their eyes first!


And above all keep it simple and nutritious. Make sure that you offer a variety of foods from all the food groups. From fruits and vegetables, to healthy fats and carbs, to protein.


So let’s discuss some fun and colorful lunchbox ideas using our stainless steel bento 3-tier lunchbox, which is ideal to keep foods separate and perfect to put together a delicious full meal. All the recipes are created by Ira over at@panoseats. For the full step-by-step recipes, head over to her website


Breakfast for lunch

Are you and your little one breakfast lovers? If so, this is such an easy set up but still it includes so many nutrient dense foods. Just pack all your favorite breakfast items. Today we packed the ultimate peanut butter and honey sandwich with homemade 15-min whole wheat bread, served along with hard boiled eggs and vegetables. Of course to maximize the nutrients we packed a delicious Fall fruit salad, made with oranges, apples, pears, clementines and raisins. 

 brunch in 3 tier lunchbox

Mediterranean feast

On this lunchbox we packed a real Mediterranean feast, which includes some juicy veggie packed meatballs along with a simple Greek salad, made with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, feta cheese and olive. Of course we packed along some pita bread and hummus. Such a variety and so simple to set it up!

 Mediterranean in 3 tier lunch box

ABC lunchbox

If you want to help your little ones to learn the alphabet here is a fun lunchbox idea. In each tier we packed foods starting from a different letter. How cool is that?

So for letter A, we packed super fun Apple sandwiches stuffed with Almond butter. For letter B, we packed a delicious Broccoli, Beans and Butternut squash salad. And for letter C, we packed a simple Crudite platter with steamed Cauliflower, Carrots, Celery and Cucumbers.

 ABC themed lunch in 3 tier lunchbox

Which lunchbox of the three do you think that your little one would like the most?

For more fun lunchboxes and healthy recipes for the whole family, visit and follow Ira @panoseats

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