One of our goals is to Reuse right? Well, when we think about the containers we are using for lunch and make the switch over to reusable metal containers we forget about warming up our food. 90% of Americans use microwaves to reheat their food today. Why? It is fast, convenient and super easy to use. Unfortunately, the microwave comes with its own set of issues which we will cover later. The big ticket question here today though, is if metal can go in the microwave. Some metals are safe to go in the microwave, but the simple answer is NO.

Our ecozoi containers are NOT microwave safe, but they can be used in other ways to reheat your food! Metal in all forms is not safe for the microwave; stainless steel and foil included. Metal acts like a mirror in a microwave, creating sparking, fires and even explosions. Lets just be safe and not add metal to microwaves!

The issues with microwaves

Microwaves are in 90% of Americans homes and are a pretty convenient way to reheat ones food. With this convenience though, comes some troubling information. Usually, when one is reheating their food they are either using a plate or a BPA-free plastic container instead of a non-toxic stainless steel or glass container. Continuous use of microwaves is very bad for your health. It is said that using a microwave leaks radiation, using a plastic container leaks plastic into your food when warmed, and it is said that your food loses nutrients when warmed in a microwave. The prolonged eating of micro-waved foods also cause cancerous cells to increase in human blood which is not good at all since cancer is one of the leading caused illnesses today.

Generally speaking, some metals can indeed go in the microwave, but that does not mean they should. Metal conducts electricity which move freely within the microwave. When the radiation from the microwave hits the metal it causes the free electrons from the surface of the metal to move at a rapid pace. This can cause different electrical issues. Based on the metals size, shape or thickness can result in an unsafe environment and damage to your microwave. Some metal products are made to be microwave safe, but a general rule of thumb is that metal in a microwave is just unsafe. To protect yourself from bodily harm, a hazardous environment or harm to your microwave, just do not attempt putting metal in a microwave.

Healthy ways to warm up food in your metal container

We know why microwaves are bad news and we know that our metal containers should never be used in one so, here are the alternate options you have. These options might take little longer, but the health benefits are substantial compared to microwave usage.

Alternate Options with Health Benefits

Instant Pot – Many people have an Instant pot today, so why not include its wonderful rewarming features right? There are a few different ways you can reheat food here. The “steam”, “slow cook”, or “keep warm” functions. If you want it done fast, opt for the “steam” function, otherwise use the other two options.

Have you heard of the Pot in Pot method? This means you lower a pot into the main pot with a silicone sling to cook your food. Same concept here when reheating your food! Take your ecozoi container and lower it into the Instant pot for reheating, but make sure there is water in the base of the pot.

heating metal

Another option is to get our Insert pans as an added accessory to your instant pot! These pans are now back in stock and super easy to use with this method. You can reheat your leftover food in your cooker to preserve the nutrients and vitamins instead of diminishing them with the microwave. You can even reheat multiple items at once to save time! This insert set is built with durable high-quality 304 food-grade stainless steel to ensure your health and quality is not compromised. We care about your health!

Slow Cooker – Slow cookers are excellent for make ahead meals and they usually have a “warm” function. Just like the Instant pot, add your ecozoi container to the slow cooker and warm until desired temperature is reached.

Conventional or Toaster Oven – Our leak proof stainless steel lunchboxes are perfect for reheating food in the oven. Just make sure to remove the lid as it has the silicone seal and the heat will ruin it. If there is a toaster oven in your office you can easily use that to warm up your food as well.

Convection Oven – Convection ovens usually used for baking or roasting. If time is your main concern, you can warm up your food in half the time with a convection oven. Simply use your glass or metal container and pop it in the oven until warm enough.

Stove Top – This option would be super easy for those short on time or wanting the convenience of fast heating. Just toss everything from your container into your pan or pot with a little water for added moisture and you will have hot food in no time!

Steamer – Steaming is another easy way to reheat your food. Add your ecozoi lunchbox to a steamer basket and put it over a pot with simmering water. You should steam the container until your food is hot.

The end result

You have many options when it comes to reheating your food. However, microwave is not one of the healthy options. So try to limit your microwave usage or ditch it altogether and consider the alternate healthier options that we discussed in this article. This would help you continue to use your plastic-free reusable stainless steel containers thus saving our Planet, Oceans, and our own health from toxins.

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