The coronavirus has been around for many years, but this COVID-19 strain is new and there has not been a way to treat it nor contain it so far. Currently we are being told to avoid social settings to contain the virus and slow down the community spread. With schools closing, travel being limited, and people being required to work from home, it seems as if our life came to a stand still.

COVID - 19

The crazy thing is that with all the talk of possible quarantines for weeks at home, many people are rushing out to the stores to stock up on staples. The world is not ending, but we must be cautious. Even though it is important to have food and medicine in your home, and practice good hygiene this goes to show you that not everyone washes their hands correctly and not everyone keeps basic staples on hand. At a time of the unknown the world is worried, scared, and unsure of whats next. In the mist of the chaos we can stay safe and live our lives.

Manage your anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic

What you can do for you

Although the media is full of important information, it is also putting us in a state of stress and fear. The best thing we can do for our health is to limit media coverage exposure. With the number of COVID-19 cases rising everyday, our community is getting more and more anxious. Stress is never a good thing for your health. If we limit our media coverage exposure to at least once a day, it could potentially relieve the built up stress. While social distancing remember you can still keep in contact with friends and family via calls and texts messages.

Make sure during this time you are making time to relieve that daily stress whether its through exercise, meditation, dance, sleep etc. How we take care of our bodies is how our immune system will react to any bug, germ and viruses. Your mental health is also really important during this chaotic time. Everything you are doing to relieve stress can help your mental state.

What you can do for your kids?

Our kids are always watching us. In this chaotic time they probably do not comprehend what's going on. This would be a great time to teach them what viruses are, how people get them and how to potentially avoid them. They may also be scared during a time of uncertainty. It is best to reassure them that they are safe and they will be okay. If they need to express their worries, let them.

This is also a good time to limit their news exposure, as this can not only create more stress on you, but them as well. With most schools closed already, a new schedule and routine is important. Staying occupied is also a good way to cope with everything going on and a way to stay busy.

What you can do if you are Isolated at home?

Being couped up in the house can cause you to be just as anxious. Fresh air and the sun kills bacteria anyways, so sitting outside in your backyard or on your porch is a good way to help the cabin fever. Use this time to keep in contact with your loved ones whether it be via social media, phone calls or texts. Everyone needs each other during this time.

If you have a house full of people, keep everyone busy with games, books, movies, and backyard play. For those without a yard or even a porch, if you are able to take a walk around your neighborhood whether it be in an empty park or on the sidewalk you can still distance yourself from others while getting fresh air.

Proper Immunity is important

coronavirus nutrition

COVID-19 is a virus. They say that many people will catch it, but many people will also recover from it. If you are not already in tune with your body and making sure that you get your vitamins regularly, this would be the perfect time to do so. Make sure you are eating a proper diet with many fruits and vegetables as well as taking any additional vitamins your body may need to stay healthy such as elderberry, vitamin c, ginger and so much more. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep and are staying hydrated. If you are not staying active, try incorporating some kind of exercise into your daily routine. Exercise is also a good stress reliever and aids in good mental health.

If you have not heard it enough, wash your hands more than you normally would. Wash your hands after you use the restroom and wash your hands when you enter your home or building. If you go out and are unable to wash your hands have hand sanitizer readily available. Hand sanitizer is one of the supplies that the stores are out of, but you can easily make your own type of hand sanitizer at home with rubbing alcohol and a few other ingredients. We also know that vinegar is great for ridding of germs in the house as well, so spraying everything that with vinegar and water can help keep the germs at bay.

You can still live an eco friendly life

Even through this COVID – 19 pandemic, we can still continue to be eco- friendly. Many places such as Starbucks and Bulk Barn are omitting the use of reusable products at this time due to sanitary reasons. At Starbucks you can recycle your cups. At bulk stores you can buy big bags of beans and rice or buy cans. These containers can also be recycled once used. Instead of running out to buy up all the tissue, consider investing in a bidet or using family cloth. We know that most paper products come from the deforestation of trees, so switching to cloth or bamboo unpaper towels will save trees and our environment. Instead of buying many bottled waters, buy a filter and filter your tap water.

If you take a step back from all the chaos and think of things that can be done to save the environment, but still allow you to stay safe it will be worth it. This is a very stressful and uncertain time in everyone’s life, but stress, fear and panic does not make anything better, if anything it makes it worse. Remember to practice proper hygiene and keep calm. Together we can come out of this difficult time as a stronger society! 

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