Give Back to the Earth and Your Wallet By Turning Trash Into Cash

With the holidays in full force, you may be looking for ways to earn a few extra dollars. A little more money earned could go towards debts, gifts, or build your savings this holiday season. But, when times get busy this season, you may be hoping for easier alternatives to the madness. What if we told you could make extra cash while staying in the comfort of your home and turning trash into cash? Oddly enough, you actually can! 

Recyclables that may make you a few extra dollars may be items you throw away regularly. For instance, plastic bottles, cans, wine corks, old electronics, junk cars and batteries, cardboard boxes, and ink cartridges are just a few items that companies are willing to pay you for. 

Whether you’re looking to pay down debt, buy more holiday gifts, or save a little extra this season, you may be able to do that with your daily trash. For instance, apps like Decluttr, GoodGuide, and Letgo are easy ways to make money off your full trash cans. Decluttr allows you to buy and sell your used technology and books to get rid of items that don’t serve you. And GoodGuide is an eco-friendly app that helps you research products at the store that only do good for the earth. And, Letgo allows you to post items you don’t want anymore for sale (and all around the world)! 

If you’re interested in getting started, check out our animated infographic on our blog on turning trash into cash! While working towards your financial goals, always check-in on your budget (and make it easy on the fly).


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