How to Help Your Kids Make Eco-Friendly Birthday Gifts for Their Friends

Having a family means having a lot of responsibilities you've never even thought about before. Although having children is undoubtedly one of life's greatest blessings, once you become a parent, you need to become a much more cautious person than ever before. One of the biggest responsibilities that go alongside this role is taking care of the planet. Not a lot of people understand just how pressing this matter is. Leaving the earth better for future generations is imperative to our species' survival. Of course, this doesn't mean that all fun is off the table. It just means that we must readjust and reset some of our priorities. Even in the most fun of times, such as birthday party celebrations, we can do a lot to be more sustainable. Let's get through some ways to help your kids make eco-friendly birthday gifts for their friends.

It's time to reach a new level of sustainability

You've probably learned how to be eco-friendly in your home and everyday life. However, you need to try to implement this knowledge in other areas of your life as well. Gift-giving is something most people tend to splurge on and not do very mindfully. Let's change that.

Reuse old toys to make eco-friendly birthday gifts

If you have some toys lying around that are in decent shape, why not reuse them? DIY-ing old toys and making them come alive again is a great way to make an eco-friendly birthday gift. Seeing how most kid's toys are made of plastic, it's really recycling if you think about it. If you're not comfortable making the presents, you can also buy environmentally friendly toys made entirely of recycled materials. Find a manufacturer that uses 100% post-consumer material for the fabric, fiberfill, thread, and hangtag with cord.

A boy playing with toys

Make colorful jewelry pieces out of different materials

You probably remember all the fun you had while making macaroni necklaces during childhood. The fact that children nowadays don't really tend to craft jewelry out of their favorite kind of pasta and glitter is a real shame. Luckily, you can help bring back this tradition by making eco-friendly birthday presents with your kids.

Create an educational gift

There's no better way to promote the importance of education than through fun. What's more, the parents will surely appreciate this kind of gift immensely. For example, you can make a science kit in no time. It's actually a pretty simple way to make eco-friendly birthday gifts. Online, you can find a wide range of science experiments that you can execute at home. Choose three or four science experiments that can be done with common household items. Put all of the components in a shoebox with instructions on how to conduct the tests. Wrap it up, and you've got yourself a present! They offer great activities for parents to engage in with their children, too.

Non-materials gifts are great too

No matter how great of a toy you can make, there's really no better gift than the gift of experience. Gifting someone a couple of piano lessons or a ticket for a show you know they'd love is another great way to give an eco-friendly gift. Your kid's friends will be thrilled. Of course, make sure to consult with their parents beforehand so that you don't leave them with an obligation they're not comfortable with.

Purchase fun reusable lunch boxes

If there's something every kid needs it's a great, practical, and fun lunch box. A great thing about this type of gift is that you can purchase any lunch box you like and look at it as if it were a blank canvas. Find some water-resistant paint and let your kid be the artist. To make the gift even greener, consider redesigning an old or second-hand lunchbox. Just make sure it is in good condition.

Snacks are always a great idea

If you've decided to go with a lunch box as an eco-friendly birthday gift, you could also put something in it. This is a great way to make eco-friendly birthday gifts that stand out. What's better than opening your gift and discovering a hidden chocolate nest? We can't think of anything.

Make fun tie-dye shirts

One of the latest TikTok trends would also make for a great eco-friendly birthday gift. Purchase a simple white cotton shirt and color it in fun shades and shapes. You could even go one step further and ask everyone coming to the birthday party to sign their names. This way, the birthday kid will have a great piece to remember the party by.

Find a gift that'll enable sustainable living

There are some birthday gifts that you can give to spread the word that being eco-friendly is important and pretty cool. They should inspire kids to implement sustainable living in their everyday lives. Here are a few suggestions:

  •        DIY eco-friendly garden
  •        Recycle me kit
  •        Wooden Legos

Eco-friendly living

Teaching children about eco-friendly living is essential. Children are often a lot more mature than we give them credit for. It's time to use this and educate them to honor the planet. They can do quite a bit themselves. This is also a great way to help them see what the problem is and how they can help solve it, which will significantly reduce any anxiety they could have about the subject. Making eco-friendly birthday gifts is a great place to start.

Three bins used for recycling

Throw an eco-friendly birthday party

Making eco-friendly birthday gifts is a great way to lessen our carbon footprints. Of course, the time will eventually come again when you will need to throw a party for your own kids. Make sure to do this sustainably as well. There are some steps that you should try to follow to make an eco-friendly birthday party.


  • Choose a theme that is good for the environment.
  • Throw the party at an environmentally friendly location.
  • Make your invitations digital.
  • When it comes to gifting, go green and ask all the parents to do the same.
  • Reconsider your party decorations.
  • When it comes to tableware, avoid disposable cups, utensils, and plates.
  • Serve organic finger foods that will please the crowd.
  • Choose environmentally-friendly party games.
  • If possible, make eco-friendly birthday gifts by straying away from plastic.

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