Strawberries and Cream Ice Lollies

strawberry and cream lollies
The weather is heating up! These strawberry and cream follies are super easy and perfect for a super warm day. 
What you need:
- 130mls double cream
- 200mls milk
- 15 chopped strawberries
- 3 tsp maple syrup 
- With a whisk, whip the cream until it is slightly thick
- Add the milk and syrup and ix until combined and set aside 
- Fill the moulds first with strawberries, then top with cream and milk mixture
- Drop a few more strawberries until the mixture reaches the top of the mold 
- Pop the sticks in the mold and place in the freezer
- Once frozen, enjoy! 
Note: the cream can be placed with thick yogurt to make smoothie ice lollies perfect for breakfast or a snack. 
Recipe from Siyas Mummys Kitchen 

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