Summer Popsicle Ideas + Tips and Tricks

Are you still holding on to summer? The weather is still amazing and what is a better way to celebrate this long weekend other than colorful and yummy ice cream, right? Here you will find all the information on how to prepare, store and enjoy it.

Homemade ice-cream is a great way to include more fruits in your and your kids’ diet. They are refreshing and delicious! So, without any further ado, let’s get started.


How to prepare healthy ice-cream for the whole family?

  1. Keep it simple. You don’t really need any special equipment, like an ice-cream maker to make delicious ice cream that the whole family would enjoy. A regular blender or food processor would do the magic for you. Pretty much you just need a regular blender or food processor.
  2. Use real ingredients. When it comes to nourishing dients the best choice is to use real ingredients like fruits, vegetables, nut butters and plant based milk. You don’t really need to use any refined sugar to sweeten your ice-cream. Fruits are sweet enough to do the trick.
  3. Keep it colorful. Use any in-season fruits and vegetables that you have on your fridge. Summer fruits like cherries, watermelon, strawberries and mangos could give a great and vibrant color to your ice-cream without using any artificial coloring.
  4. Keep it fun. Evolve the kids and make the preparation a fun activity. You can let the kids choose the flavor combination and blend the ingredients. Part of the fun is to use popsicle molds, either a regular size or mini. You can let the kids fill them up!


“Keep in mind that kids, tend to eat better a dish that they helped to prepare”

Strawberry popsicles in a bowl

How to store

  • If you are using ice cream molds then the storage is super easy. Just fill in the molds, cover with the lids and place the popsicle stick.Store in a flat area in your freezer, for at least 4 hours or overnight ideally.
  • If you don’t use a mold you can store your ice-cream in a freezer-safe container. In order to avoid crystallization you should place a piece of parchment paper on top of your ice-cream and then the lid of your container.

In both cases you can safely save your ice-cream up to 1 month.

mango popsicles

Ways to use the ice cream molds

  • Gatherings. What is more impressive to serve to your guest other than a homemade ice-cream? From kids birthday parties and playdates to backyard dinners and movie nights, serving ice-cream popsicles for dessert is always an easy but impressive way to end a lovely meal.

popsicles for gatherings

  • Ice-creams for the whole family. The ice cream molds come in different sizes and shapes and you can pick what best suits your family. The mini molds, both the flats and rounds are perfect for the perfect portion for little fingers. The full sized molds are perfect for older kids and adults so you can mix it up.

strawberry popsicles

  • Teething babies. Did you know that popsicles is a great way to soothe a teething baby? Usually babies love the cold sense in their gums. You can use a baby-friendly recipe (look below) or even just pour breastmilk and make breastmilk pops.
  • Veggie or chicken stock storage. Those ice-cream molds, especially the mini round ones are great to store your stock. So the next time that you make some homemade stock, fill up your molds and you have a delicious stock any time that you need to.
  • Baby food storage. Another great way to use your molds! Based on your baby's age, you can use either the mini or the regular size molds to store your homemade baby food. Meal prep at its best, right?


4 Healthy recipes to try this weekend

The absolute summer dessert! Ice-cream popsicles! But not just any ordinary popsicles. Healthy, naturally sweetened without any refined sugars, easy to make and so delicious! All the recipes are created by Ira over at @panoseats. For the full step-by-step recipes, head over to her website


“The impressive”. This is a two layer frozen yogurt on a stick. Rich chocolate layer, topped with a creamy almond butter layer. I’m sure that the whole family will love it.

“The easy”. It really can’t get easier than that. You can really make magic with only 3 ingredients, how cool is that?

“The tropical”. Full of delicious tropical flavors and a great baby-friendly recipe, packed with nutrients and good quality fat that babies need.

“The vibrant”. When life gives you red cherries, you should make cherry frozen yogurt! Another great recipe for the whole family to enjoy and we can guarantee that the kids would love this deep pink almost purple color!


Guest blog post by Ira


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