Can you believe we already made it to July and are still in the middle of a pandemic? Summer time is usually filled with celebrating holidays, getting together with friends, family, and attending many festivals in the park. Unfortunately, because of COVID, most of the summer plans are either cancelled, postponed, or modified. The 4th of July is next weekend and it will be a little different than years past in most places. We have put together a few options to safely celebrate the 4th of July during this pandemic.


1. Search your area for firework show alternatives

Instead of attending an actual firework show with crowds, some places might be offering alternatives so check with your local area parks and recreational department. A couple alternatives might be watching the fireworks from your home if you live close enough or watching virtual fireworks.

This of course sounds very different from what you are used to, but watching the fireworks from afar with just your family can still be really fun!

2. Check your local and state firework laws if you want to do them at home

Doing your own fireworks at home is even more fun! Confirming that fireworks are legal in your state before going to buy them is most important. Also safety is a priority when launching your own fireworks and children under 12 should not be operating fireworks on their own. If you have kids an adult should be the one to do the fireworks. You can make the experience fun for your kids by introducing glow sticks to them, so they feel involved!

If you are able to have your own light show at home that can be so fun! You can make a nice dinner, and for an after dinner treat you can make popsicles with one of our popsicle molds, then head outside to the backyard for an exciting firework show.

3. If you go to a firework show be sure to practice social distancing

Some places are still putting on local firework shows and putting rules in place to make sure that social distancing happens. If you remember in our social distancing while visiting your local park blog, some of the same rules can apply here. Of course if you feel sick please stay home and enjoy the fireworks via the other two options provided.

The 4th of July for most people means celebrating with those closest to you over great food and a nice firework show. Whatever you decide to do on the 4th of July please, do it safely! Do you have any holiday plans yet? Drop a comment below and let us know what you plan to do this upcoming holiday weekend!

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