The spring and summer time seems to be the most popular time for birthday parties. With most people on lock down right now birthday parties might look a little different this spring and maybe even into summer; with gatherings limited to a certain number of people, if at all. With kids birthday parties though can bring a lot of waste. If you want to aim to have a more eco friendly birthday party when shelter in place orders have been lifted, follow these tips and tricks! 


Paper invitations are what we have been accustomed to. Paper invites can be harmful to our environment; not to mention a huge waste of paper. Instead of paper you can opt for email invites such as e-vite. You can also go more simpler than that and text your guests the party information. Either way you choose would be a good start to your eco friendly birthday party.


However, if you want to go the more traditional route you can opt to using plantable seed paper, which allows you to plant it once you no longer need it.


This is one of the portions of the party planning that can be the most wasteful. To have a green birthday party aim for minimal decorations, decorations you can make and those that can be reused.

Food + Drinks

Food and drinks are usually hard these days to think about because many kids have certain allergies. You can have a healthy, eco-friendly spread of food that everyone will enjoy. Think of items like fruit trays, veggie and hummus trays with a side of crackers, and chips with salsa/guacamole. You can have water as an option for drinks or a fruit juice made with real fruit.

food table with cupcakes

When it comes to the desserts you can make your own cupcakes for the guests. To make the cupcakes eco-friendlier, you can bake them in compostable baking cups!


birthday gift

Gifts bring more trash. You can most definitely make gift giving eco-friendly though.  Good ideas for gifts are books; no wrapping paper and you can write who its from inside the book. You can also ask that your guest not bring gifts when the children are really young. For older kids, I am sure that they would love if their friends made them something and gave it to them. Another option of course is money so that your child can choose a gift for themselves or learn to save the money for something else.

Table Settings

place setting

These can be very wasteful as well. Think of plates, napkins, utensils, cups and birthday hats. In an effort to stay eco friendly you can opt to use real plates, cloth napkins and real cutlery. You could find compostable plates and cutlery or visit a secondhand shop or dollar store where the prices are very inexpensive for the items.  When the party is over you can put all of these items in a box. Having a designated party box will allow you to reuse these items over and over for years to come and future parties. 

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