Introducing: Voice Shopping with Alexa

We at Ecozoi are super excited to launch our "ecozoi" Alexa skill. 

Just say, "Alexa, start ecozoi (eco-zoy)" and you can ask for discount coupons, ask for eco tip of the day (called, 'deal of the day' for now), and add any of our products to cart by simply asking for dinner plates or coffee cups or lunch boxes, etc. You can also check out the products with simple voice commands. Once ordered, you can ask for the order status or cancel the items as you chose fit. 

Try our skill today! Please see the instructions below to start using Ecozoi skill to get 15% off every time you shop here. 


Link to voice app in skill store:

First time invoking the skill: 

The first time you invoke the skill, say the wake phrase "Alexa, start ecozoi".

Alexa will either say a message that she has found the skill and ask if you'd like to enable it, or she will open the skill directly.

Have you turn to your Alexa mobile app, where there will be a link for you to click.

In here you will be prompted to enable the permission to your First & Last name, email address, and Amazon Pay information.

It is necessary to enable permission for Amazon Pay so that you can complete a full checkout on the skill.

After enabling permissions on the Alexa app, go back to your Alexa and reinvoke the skill

Interacting with the skill:

To search for products, tell Alexa to find you lunch boxes or popsicle molds

You will enter into a conversation with Alexa where she guides you through different filters, finishing off by allowing you to select and add a product to your cart.

To get information on things like the material used in the products, or shipping information - ask Alexa, "what is the material used to make lunch boxes?" or "do you ship internationally?"


Please try our skill and leave us feedback using the Contact Us form.

*Note: Alexa voice shopping on ecozoi works only for US Customers.


ecozoi team

Trying to make life easy for Customers!