Brand Ambassador Program

Hello! Thank you for your interest in spreading our mission. We are constantly looking for Brand Ambassadors who can review our products on Instagram and create brand awareness among their audience with promo codes. If you are interested, and are living in US, UK, or EU, please read on for more information. In addition, since we sell in the above countries through Amazon, you should already be an Amazon Prime customer in these countries to participate or willing to create a Prime member account with Amazon before purchasing. There is no follower limit to participate in the program.

What is Ambassador program? You will purchase our chosen product from Amazon and post at least 2 posts or stories on Instagram within a week of receiving the product. We will pay 50% of the product cost upfront and pay the balance after the second post and an honest review of the product on Instagram. Please make sure you run the product by us before purchasing as we need to approve the product first.

What are the next steps? Please DM us, through Instagram, your interest along with your Country information and Venmo/PayPal email so that we can pay ahead of time. Also, please register here. You need to have Instagram and Amazon account before applying as you need Amazon account to purchase the product and Instagram account to post/review.

Instagram Giveaways, Contests and Ecozoi Affiliate Link: Once you are part of the Ambassador program, if you are interested in collaborating with Ecozoi for an Instagram Giveaway or a Contest or be an Ecozoi affiliate and earn 5% commission on each sale, you need to have a minimum of 1000 followers before you can reach out to us through Instagram DM. Please note that there is no follower limit to participate in the program itself. The above limit is only for running Giveaways or Contests or getting the Affiliate link with Ecozoi.

Bloggers: If you have a eco blog or if you are a Youtube eco blogger, please DM us for paid partnerships/collaborations.

 Note: You are giving us complete right-to-use on all the images you post with our products in them. Thank you.