Hello! Thank you for your interest in spreading our mission. We are constantly looking for Brand Ambassadors who can review our products and create brand awareness among their audience with promo codes. If you are interested, please read on for more information.

What is Ambassador program? We will send you one ecozoi product for free* to review on your Instagram account and post up to 5 stories and 5 posts in the first 30 days after receiving the product. We will continuously monitor the post performance and based on the audience engagement, we will include you in our Ambassador Plus program.

What is Ambassador Plus program? Ambassador plus program includes more free products and newly launched products for your review and discount codes for your family and friends. We would also pay you for the posts that perform exceptionally**.

Do we need Amazon Prime? We exclusively sell through Amazon and hence having a Prime membership will get your products to you faster. However, it is not a hard requirement. 

What are the next steps? If you are interested, live in US, has Amazon Prime, and have a means to accept payments (Paypal/Venmo), please send us your venmo or paypal email so that we can pay ahead of time. 

*We pay 50% upfront and another 50% after your first post through Paypal or Venmo.

**500 or more likes for any one post and 1000 or more views for one story.