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At ecozoi, our goal is to help you create an eco friendly and sustainable home that is plastic free and chemical free. We do it through our carefully sourced, and designed eco product lineup delivered in plastic free packaging.

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 We are a women owned family enterprise. We partner with non profits like Eden Reforestation, RePurpose Global, and UCapture that contribute to coral reef restoration and reforestation efforts among other green projects across the globe. You are planting a tree for every purchase you make with us.

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This is an awesome no spill 3 in 1 tier lunchbox. So far we are absolutely loving this lunchbox. Lots of space for a variety of foods, eco friendly, non plastic and compact too. And, glad to plant a tree with this box!


I have been trying to be more eco-friendly and purchase non toxic items. We recently purchased our first lunchbox from @ecozoi and love this 3-tier! And, we planted a tree with our purchase! how cool is that!


I’ve come to absolutely love this 3-section lunch box. We try and reduce are carbon-footprint as a family, as much as we can, and this box reduces waste of plastic baggies and such. I love that it’s leak proof, and is easy to wash.


These are super awesome! My plastic free popsicles for my kids became a reality. Though now it’s a bit hard to convince Rachel to eat anything other than popsicles. 😂


This nifty tool took my snack time prep time and cut it in half! No more wasting time and extra dishes to separate everything. Made from organic bamboo and BPA free, it is also Eco-friendly. 


Having a child has significantly intensified our desire to reduce our carbon footprint. These completed my search for a plastic-free popsicle mold. Even the packaging was zero waste!