5 Eco-Friendly Meal Prep Tips

We live in a fast-paced world, where convenience is a commodity. However, convenience and the environment don’t always go hand-in-hand. Our surroundings contribute to everything we do, and as consumers, we should do our best to be environmentally-friendly. Meal preparation is a great way to both. If you already meal prep (or if you’re interested in starting), here are some great tips on staying environmentally-friendly in your preparations.

  • Plan out your meals—About one third of food produced for humans is discarded, so food waste is a huge problem all around the world. By planning out your meals carefully, you won’t buy food you don’t need, and then you won’t have to waste it!  
  • Eat less meat—Red meat actually requires quite a lot of resources compared to other kinds of meat (like pork or chicken). A vegetarian or vegan diet is much more beneficial for the environment, but it’s understandable that not everyone can make the switch. However, making an effort (no matter how small) will still have positive effects. 
  • Eat local—When your food travels, it leaves an ecological footprint. To eliminate that footprint, buy and eat local as much as you can. It eliminates waste, and (bonus!) it also strengthens the local economy. 
  • Recycle containers—Next time you order takeout, think about saving those containers. They can be used for meal prep, or other kitchen storage. You don’t even have to order takeout, though. Anything that comes in a sturdy packaging container can be reused for storage. If you think you’ll get confused about the packaging, try using food labels.   
  • Freeze your leftovers—If you know you made a meal that’s way too big, try using the freezer. It’s a great way to store food as long as you need, and it’s helpful to have a few meals saved up for when you’re facing a time crunch! 

    eco friendly meal prep tips tricks

    Try to incorporate at least one of these tips into your meal prepping routine for a more sustainable diet. Happy prepping!