How hiring professional movers can help you be more environmentally-friendly

Hiring a professional moving company has many benefits. For starters, it's less time-consuming, and you'll definitely save some money doing it. You'll also have more time to look after your kids or pets during this process. Besides these great perks, professional movers can also make your move more eco-friendly. Even if you don't hire one of the green moving companies, you'll still make considerable contributions to the environment. One of them is certainly a reduced carbon footprint. So, if you want to learn what kind of environmental benefits hiring professional movers has, keep reading this article. You'll find some pretty interesting and useful info!

Using fewer materials while packing

Unfortunately, packing materials are rarely environmentally-friendly. All that bubble wrap, paper, boxes, and tape can create a lot of waste, especially if you decide to pack all your belongings by yourself. Why? Simply because we don't know how to pack our items efficiently. That's why hiring professional movers can help in using fewer materials in the process. Experts from your moving crew will know how to use less material and still keep your belongings fully safe during the relocation.

Additionally, they will know what material is best based on the fragility of your items. They definitely have professional equipment that will help them pack in the most efficient way possible. If you want to make your move even greener, inquire about recyclable and ecologically friendly materials as well. You might, for example, buy eco-friendly bubble wrap substitutes and urge the movers to use these instead of standard bubble wrap. This way, you'll definitely have the greenest relocation possible. 

Other more sustainable alternatives 

You can always take it one step further and make a deal with your moving company to use only eco-friendly packing materials. You can get a hold of them, and the moving crew can use their expertise to pack them properly.

Fortunately, you probably have a house full of potential packing materials, AKA the stuff you can easily reuse for packing. So keep those old newspapers, egg cartons, and blankets towels out of the trash. For example, glassware, tableware, and other fragile goods can be protected with newspapers. Choose reusable pads, biodegradable packing paper, and carefully designated corn or wheat-based sustainable bubble wrap and peanuts if you want to buy cushioning protection. Remember that you may also use biodegradable plant-based tape to seal your boxes!

Even if you don't have all this stuff at home, there's a pretty good chance that the moving company you hired does! However, if they don't, it's not the end of the world. As we already said, even using regular packing materials can be beneficial for the environment if you use them efficiently.

Reusing packing materials 

Not only will the movers use fewer packing materials, but the company will also provide pre-loved items from other relocations. Furniture coverings, for example, provide a protective cushion and may be used for relocation. These coverings will keep the number of waste protective materials you'll need for the transfer to a minimum.

Moving companies can also provide reusable plastic bins and boxes to assist in transporting belongings from one location to another as an alternative to cardboard boxes and bags. Reusable items will help you save a lot of paper and cardboard waste. Additionally, consider repurposing pallets and wooden racks for larger things. With their materials, moving services will limit the quantity of wood and material waste as well. Therefore, hiring professional movers sounds like a great solution!

Minimum transportation

When you hire a moving company, it comes with its own huge truck to transport your belongings. The usage of the large vehicle will cut down on the number of trips between households. For example, in the time it takes a large moving truck to make one journey, you could make three or four trips with a small pick-up truck or car.

This will lower emissions and the quantity of gas consumed to accomplish the relocation. As a result, you will be helping the environment. Additionally, moving companies have experience loading moving trucks with belongings of different shapes and sizes. This means the movers will pack the things more effectively and fit them all into one load. They will know how to tilt and place furniture to maximize the amount of space available.

Furthermore, you can also choose a particular delivery day and time. You might try to avoid driving during rush hour to cut down on time spent on the road. If you plan a delivery during the day, the new house will not waste energy on outside and interior lights. All of the minor adjustments add up to a significant reduction in carbon footprint.

Choosing on-demand storage facilities 

Hiring professional movers will open the door to many benefits the company offers. For example, you might have to temporarily store belongings in a storage unit until the relocation is finalized. In cases like this, you can use an on-demand storage facility as one approach to minimize greenhouse emissions. Moving companies that provide an on-demand service will photograph and catalog all things placed in storage.

So, rather than wasting time and gas driving to the storage facility, you can just check through the photos and inventory list to see what is available. You might need your power drill, for example. You won't have to go to your relatives' houses in search of a drill when you can use the on-demand service and get your gear whenever you need it. Thank you, technology, right?

The moving company will assist you in retrieving the item, and this service is available for as long as the storage unit is rented. You can always ask professionals at Heavenly Moving and Storage to give you more info and advise you on this kind of service.

Final thoughts 

The relocation process is more environmentally-friendly than you think. As you can see, even if you don't hire a moving company that's advertising as green, there are many perks of a simple and regular relocation. When you have professionals handle everything, you can be sure that they will be extra efficient about every aspect of the move. This kind of efficiency is exactly what an environment can benefit from. In addition, you can always use a more sustainable material to take things to the next level. It's all up to you. The bottom line is, hiring professional movers can be only beneficial for both you and the environment.