NO Plastic Bags
What's the problem with the Plastic bags? How can such a flimsy thing cause so many problems? We are so used to using plastic bags to carry things around that we have taken it for granted… but you should start...
Healthy Self

Do you know Plastic contains harmful chemical called BPA that stands for bisphenol A (an industrial chemical that has been used to make plastics since the 1960s) and is harmful to humans and all other living things alike?

Save Ocean
Plastic-filled ocean is a 100% human caused disaster. Plastic-free ocean is a 100% human accomplishable goal. This will require raising awareness and education to motivate changes in consumer consumption behavior to more healthier and biodegradable alternatives that exist.
Save Planet

Six Reasons why the Plastic is bad for the Planet:

There is a lot of it, rampant waste, doesn’t break down, danger to aquatic life, toxin carriers, and sustaining the petroleum industry.

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