If you came this far to read this section, you are eco-conscious already! Great first step in gathering Ecopoints and showing the world you are making a difference by reducing your carbon footprint.  

Ecopoints will help you keep track of the positive difference you are making in this world one product at a time. With every plastic product you replace in your home with a Stainless Steel product, you are reducing your carbon footprint by 30 times*. Which means, you will receive 30 Ecopoints if you purchase one Ecozoi Staineless Steel product to replace your plastic item. You will collect these points with every purchase and can use the points as below:

  1. Use your Ecopoints towards future purchases
  2. Display your Eco Badges on your social network and influence your family and friends to take up this mission

Using Ecopoints towards future purchases: Everytime you purchase an Ecozoi product through Amazon and register that product on using the Amazon order ID and your email address (through Contact Us), and write a review on Amazon, you will receive 30% off coupon to apply to your next Ecozoi product purchase. If you have not made a valid purchase but still want to join our Newsletter by providing your email, you will receive 5% off coupon to apply to your next Ecozoi product purchase and would receive weekly deals information.

Displaying Eco Badges on your social network: Once you Like our page on facebook, you can go to and search for Ecozoi and select one of the badges below based on your preference that you can pin to your profile picture. This will not only promote your sustainability conscious self, but also would influence your family and friends to follow suite.

For us, our mission is more important than making money. Hence we offer highest quality products built to stricter manufacturing standards at a very affordable price. Remember, the goal is to save the Planet, Oceans, and our own Health by living and promoting a Plastic-Free Lifestyle.