Green moving tips - 2022 edition

Depending on how you approach your moving experience, it'll either be just something that you get over with or something you ace. Even though it can be done either way, the more time and effort you dedicate to it, the better and higher quality experience you'll have in the end. One of the best ways to make relocation better both for yourself and everything surrounding you is by being eco-friendly. In that spirit, we've gathered some green moving tips that'll make all the difference.

Be prepared

Being prepared is half the battle when it comes to sustainability. The reasoning behind this is simple - if you rush, you won't have the time needed to think about the way your actions affect the planet. Regardless of whether you're a natural-born planner that always has their label maker in their purse or someone who wings every decision no matter how big or small, this is a prime example of a situation where planning is essential. It might sound a bit cliche, but putting pen to paper and making a precise timetable of all that's to come will make all the difference. Of course, not everything will go according to plan, but your chances will be much better.

Prepare for the moving day as well

Something that a lot of people forget to do while planning their relocation is to plan out every detail of the D-day. Even though you'll probably remember to organize your movers and do everything that directly affects the moving process, you should also make sure to take care of yourself. Find the time to take your mental health into account, avoid quick and unhealthy snacks by meal prepping, and hire a babysitter so that your kids experience this as positively as possible.

Use sustainable packing materials

One of the best green moving tips out there is to be conscientious of the materials you use while packing. This might also be one of the biggest mistakes people make. They purchase a lot of plastic, nylon, and paper that they won't use again for several years or even never again.

  • Rent out packing materials - The best thing you could do when it comes to packing materials for your move is to borrow them from someone who's recently moved.
  • Eco-friendly wrapping alternatives - Packing usually requires a lot of wrapping and stuffing, especially if you're moving fragile items. Instead of bubble wrap, you can use old newspapers and similar items that you have lying around.
  • Cut old linens into rags - Turning old linens or even your old clothes into rags that you'll use to clean all the mess that moving entails is a great idea.
  • Get old cardboard boxes - You must have some cardboard boxes lying around your home. If not, any store will surely be happy to provide you with however many you need since they need to get rid of them anyway.
  • Minimize the use of plastic - Whatever you do, make sure to reduce your plastic use to a minimum. If you must use it for something, make sure to recycle or reuse it afterward.

Being organized is essential

Being organized and knowing how to handle messy situations is something you must do while moving. If you're not sure that you can handle this, make sure to find someone who'll help. One of the biggest challenges that'll test your organizational skills is decluttering your home thoroughly. However, the fewer items you have to relocate, the easier your move will be.

Sell, donate or throw away

Once you've gathered all the items you need to get rid of, the best way to divide them is into three basic categories. You can either sell, donate, or throw them away. Choose wisely since some of your things might mean a great deal to someone in need. It'll only take you a few additional steps.

Reduce transportation to a minimum

One of the green moving tips that people don't usually think of is reducing the transportation needed to relocate. You'll have already done this simply by reducing the number of items that you'll move. However, you can also make sure to move everything in as few trips as possible. The gas emissions that vehicles, especially bigger ones, produce might be greater than you'd think.

An eco-friendly moving company is a must

Hiring a moving company will affect how your relocation will go great. A neat trick that's very well known is hiring reliable and efficient movers. However, apart from that, make sure to hire someone who's also eco-friendly. According to, movers can play a significant role in your sustainable moving experience since they have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Keep everything clean

Although it's not the first thing that crosses your mind when you think about green moving tips, it surely can't hurt. Keeping your home clean will help you stay organized. Additionally, if you need to find anything that you need for moving, your chances will be much better that way. Just make sure to use eco-friendly products!

Planning to renovate?

More often than not, people renovate their homes before moving. Even though that's a great thing, it can also cause a lot of havoc on the planet. Just as you've done with your move, make sure to plan for a green home renovation that you'll be proud of. Reusing some of the materials you've used for packing during your move might be a good idea, and vice versa.

Final words

When you think about all these green moving tips, you'll realize that none of them are really as time-consuming or tiring as you may have thought. Even if some of them cause you a bit of trouble or if they take up more time than you planned on, you need to make sure to remind yourself of what's important. Prioritizing and keeping yourself in check while saving the planet one recycled moving box at a time is very much worth it!