Red Grapes, Snow Peas and Tangerine

Seasoned Almonds

Getting tired of the same old sandwich? Try these turkey pinwheels instead. They are rolled up with lettuce, turkey, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes making them the perfect lunch to serve with fresh fruit and seasoned almonds.


Box #1:
2 10-inch whole wheat tortillas

¼ cup mayonaise

6 slices turkey

4 slices mozzarella cheese

1 handful green lettuce

1 cup cherry tomatoes

Box #2

Red grapes

1 tangerine

Snow peas

Box #3

½ cup almonds, seasoned


To make pinwheels begin with a flat tortilla. Spread mayonnaise over entire side then begin layering with lettuce on the half closest to you. Add 3 pieces of turkey and then two pieces of cheese and sprinkle with shopped cherry tomatoes. Roll it up starting in the front, closest to you and rolling away from you. Slice about 1 inch thick then arrange in the first box. Repeat with second tortilla. In the second box arrange fruit and snow peas. Add almonds to the third box and enjoy!